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If you’re farsighted, you’ve probably felt frustration with tasks that others take for granted. Reading a text or tipping at a restaurant can present a challenge. Fortunately, the vision experts at Benjamin Optical can help you get the corrective eyewear you need to see clearly and comfortably, no matter how small the object or how poor the light. To learn more, call one of their offices — conveniently situated in Inwood, Harlem, Staten Island, and Brooklyn, New York — or book your appointment online.

Farsighted Q & A

What’s farsightedness?

Also known as hyperopia, farsightedness is a condition in which your eyes cannot focus on objects that are close to your face. If nearby objects seem a little blurry, you could have mild farsightedness.

If you can almost exclusively only see objects outside of a certain distance, your farsightedness is likely more severe.

Fortunately, no matter the severity of your farsightedness, Benjamin Optical can help you correct it so you can see clearly.

How do I know if I’m farsighted?

For some people, farsightedness is very obvious because it prevents them from performing routine tasks. For others, though, the inability to focus clearly on nearby objects might not seem like a serious challenge.

For example, you might find yourself squinting to read but still feel you can see clearly enough to function.

Even if you have mild hyperopia, failing to get it treated can lead to misalignment of your eyes as your vision system tries to correct for the lack of focusing ability up close.

In addition to blurry vision when looking at objects near your face, the signs of farsightedness can include:

  • Headaches
  • Squinting
  • Eye fatigue

If you suspect you might be farsighted, schedule an appointment with Benjamin Optical. One of their dedicated vision experts can perform a series of eye tests with you to confirm your visual acuity.

If the tests show that you are farsighted, the data gathered during your eye exam can be used to create a prescription for corrective eyewear.

Can farsightedness be treated?

The corrective eyewear available at Benjamin Optical is designed to restore your near vision. They offer eyeglasses and contact lenses so you can choose the best option for your comfort, activity level, and personal style.

If you choose glasses, they make a wide range of designer eyewear available at all of their offices so you can choose a pair of frames that complements your face and style.

You shouldn’t have to struggle with certain tasks because your eyes can’t focus. The vision specialists at Benjamin Optical are available to diagnose your farsightedness, then provide you with the right eyewear to restore your vision. Call them or schedule your appointment online today.