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The state of New York requires all drivers to pass a vision test before they can get or renew their driver’s license. Whether you’re about to get your first driver’s license or you’re renewing for the umpteenth time, the vision specialists at Benjamin Optical have you covered. They provide quick DMV vision tests and can even submit your results directly to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles online. To schedule your test, call Benjamin Optical or book an appointment online at one of their four convenient offices in Staten Island, Inwood, Brooklyn, and Harlem, New York, today.

DMV Vision Test Q & A

What’s a DMV vision test?

After new drivers get through their written driving exams and practical road evaluations, they’re required to pass one more hurdle to complete the driver’s license application process — a vision test.

Because vision typically declines with age, licensed drivers are also required to take a vision test every time they renew their license. All driver’s licenses are valid for eight years in the state of New York; older drivers aren’t required to renew or have their vision tested more frequently.

To pass the DMV vision test, your visual acuity score must be at least 20/40 in one or both eyes, with or without corrective lenses. If you meet the minimum standards without corrective lenses, you won’t be required to wear glasses or contact lenses while driving.

What’s a corrective lens restriction?

If you can’t meet the minimum standards of visual acuity without corrective lenses — meaning if you have to wear your glasses or contact lenses to score at least 20/40 on your DMV vision test — then your driver’s license will be marked with a corrective lens restriction, which means you must always wear corrective lenses when driving.

If you’re renewing and you already have a corrective lens restriction, you should wear your glasses or contacts when taking the vision test.

If you wear corrective lenses but don’t yet have a corrective lens restriction on your driver’s license, you should do your best to complete the vision test without corrective lenses so you can avoid receiving a corrective lens restriction.

Can I have a corrective lens restriction removed?

If you’ve had corrective surgery to restore visual acuity and you no longer need to wear glasses or contact lenses, you can have your corrective lens restriction removed from your driver’s license.

To remove the corrective lens requirement, you simply need to pass the DMV vision test with a visual acuity of at least 20/40 in one or both eyes without the aid of corrective lenses.

Are there other vision-related restrictions?

The DMV also places corrective lens restrictions on drivers who have low vision that requires the use of telescopic lenses, while drivers with impaired night vision receive a “daylight driving only” restriction.

As with the basic corrective lens restriction, a “telescopic lenses” restriction can be removed if you have your vision corrected and no longer need high-power corrective lenses to pass the vision test.

How do I submit my test results?

If you’re getting your driver’s license for the first time or if you plan to renew in person or through the mail, the team at Benjamin Optical will provide a written vision test report that you can take with you or mail to the DMV.

As a member of the DMV’s online registry, the team at Benjamin Optical can also submit your vision test results directly to the DMV online. This is especially convenient if you plan to renew your license online.

To schedule your DMV vision test, call Benjamin Optical or book an appointment online today.