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Your eyeglasses become a part of you. As something you wear daily — or at least on a regular basis — they’re a part of your identity. Choosing the right frames to complement your face and your personal style is important. That’s why Benjamin Optical offers a wide array of designer eyewear at their offices in Harlem, Inwood, Staten Island, and Brooklyn, New York. If you’d like to come in to find your perfect pair, call them or schedule your appointment online.

Designer Eyewear Q & A

What types of designer eyewear are available?

Benjamin Optical maintains a large selection of eyeglasses from the leading designer brands. Their friendly and knowledgeable vision experts can help you find a pair of glasses you love. Some of the brands they stock at each of their offices include:

  • Burberry®
  • Ray-Ban®
  • Gucci®
  • Oakley
  • CAZAL Eyewear
  • Carrera®

How do I choose the right pair of glasses?

When looking for eyeglasses, a few important factors to consider include:


How will you be using your glasses? If you’re fairly active, you might want to consider glasses with a thicker frame, which is generally more durable, and scratch-resistant lenses. Your Benjamin Optical specialist can help you select eyeglasses that suit your day-to-day activities.


The right pair of glasses will complement your face shape. Generally, rectangular frame shapes are best for people with round faces and circular or oval frames best suit people with square faces, while people with oval-shaped faces can wear essentially any kind of frame.

To ensure you choose a shape that suits you, Benjamin Optical keeps a large selection of designer eyewear available at each of their offices. That way, you can try on as many pairs as you need to find glasses that help you look and feel your best.


Some people prefer glasses with thick frames, while others opt for a barely-there frameless look. Again, Benjamin Optical welcomes you to come in and try on different frame styles so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Are glasses my only option?

Glasses are certainly not your only option. In addition to their wide range of eyeglasses, Benjamin Optical also offers contact lenses from a number of top brands. They can help you choose the right contact lens for your specific eyes and your lifestyle.

If you do choose glasses, they also offer designer sunglasses with prescription lenses. That way, you can enjoy the great outdoors without having to compromise your vision or your personal style.

Are you ready to find the perfect designer eyewear for your unique needs? Look no farther than Benjamin Optical. Call them or schedule your appointment online to meet with one of their highly trained, friendly vision experts.