I Think My Baby Blinks Too Much — Can You Help?

I Think My Baby Blinks Too Much — Can You Help?

As you watch your baby grow, you continually monitor their behavior. You want to make sure they hit certain milestones and are healthy and happy. So when something seems out of the norm, it might leave you worried.

If your baby blinks a lot, for example, you might be concerned that something could be wrong with their eyes. We can help. Our pediatric eye care specialists at Benjamin Optical evaluate your baby’s eyes to find the cause of all of that blinking. Plus, we offer this care at all of our offices throughout New York City. 

So, why is your baby blinking so much? Let’s look at a few common causes. 

Causes of excessive blinking

Generally, babies blink about twice per minute, much less than adolescents and adults. If your baby is blinking much more frequently than that, it could be: 

Something in or on the eye

This could be as simple as an eyelash or a small piece of debris. Notice how your baby blinks. If one eye seems more affected, it could be a foreign object affecting the surface of that eye. 

Even if you don’t see something in your baby’s eye, they may have a corneal abrasion (essentially, a scratch) left over from foreign debris that’s already left the eye. We can use a specialized device to look closely at your baby’s cornea and make sure it’s free from scratches and outside objects. 

Trouble seeing

Some babies blink as a way to try to help themselves see more clearly. At our offices, our team can evaluate your baby’s visual acuity and eye alignment. If they need vision correction, we can explore eyeglasses with you. There’s no minimum age your baby needs to hit before we can start helping them see more clearly. 

Eye-affecting conditions

Your baby’s blinking might come from a separate condition, like:

We can assess their eyes to see if some outside condition contributes to their excessive blinking. 


Every baby has their quirks, and sometimes, lots of blinking is nothing more than a tic. Most babies with such a tic grow out of it without any treatment. 

Find out why your baby blinks so much

Here at Benjamin Optical, our team of pediatric eye specialists can use our expertise and specialized tools to find out what’s going on with your baby’s eyes. 

Then, if their blinking comes from something treatable, we create a plan for you. Whether that means addressing pink eye or getting your baby glasses, we work with you to protect your baby’s eye health and function. 

If you’re worried that your baby blinks too much, don’t hesitate to call any of our offices or book an appointment online today.

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