How to Select the Most Flattering Frames for Your Face

When you wear eyeglasses to see the world clearly, you want them to complement your face and express your personal style. At Benjamin Optical, we help people in New York, Staten Island, and Harlem find the glasses that are just right for their functional and fashion needs.

Read on to learn some tips to follow when choosing your frames.

Consider your skin tone

It may be a surprise to learn that the most important factor when selecting new eyeglass frames is not only the shape of your face. Your skin tone is just as influential when it comes to choosing the most flattering frames.

If your skin tone is warm with yellow, bronze, or peach undertones, you’re best off choosing frames that are brownish, golden, honey-colored, beige, a warm red, or olive green. Think of fall colors as your best bet.

People with cool skin tones that have a pink or blue undertone can get away with frames that are gray, silver, blue, pink, purple, or dark tortoiseshell. You can also look striking in a black frame.

Those with neutral skin tones, which are a mix of pink and gold undertones, can go with just about any color frame.

Analyze your face shape

Choose an eyeglass frame that’s the opposite of your face shape to create a balanced look.

For example, if your face is round, choose more angular frames for better balance. Round frames on a round face just accentuate all that roundness.

So, if you have an oval face with balanced facial proportions, you’ll want to go for frames that are as wide as or wider than the broadest part of your face. Avoid frames that are too narrow or too deep so your glasses don’t conflict with your natural symmetry.

Men and women with a round face that is about the same width and length and has curved lines do best with frames that are slightly wider than they are deep. Avoid rimless, round and small frames that accentuate the roundness of your face.

For a diamond-shaped face that has a narrower forehead and jawline and high cheekbones, soften your look with rimless frames or cat-eye frame shape. Avoid boxy, narrow frames that overpower delicate features.

People with a strong jawline and broad forehead, about the same width and length for equal proportions, have a square-shaped face. Soften your angles and make your face look longer with narrow frames. Steer clear of angular, boxy frames that can make your face appear bulky.

The heart-shaped face is wider at the top and middle, but narrow at the chin. Choose frames

that are wider or heavier at the bottom. Rimless frames or thin ones are ideal choices, as well..

If you wear glasses often, consider investing in more than one pair so you can have formal, business-like frames for work and a more whimsical pair for every day.

The team at Benjamin Optical wants you to feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful in your new frames. The skilled providers help you select everything from frame color to lens coatings to comfort. Call your nearest location or book a consultation online to get fit for just the right frames.

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