How to Get Your Child Through Pink Eye

Pink eye is pretty common in kids, but that doesn’t give you much peace of mind if you notice that your little one’s eye is irritated-looking and goop-filled. When you think your child might have pink eye, you want to get them treatment as quickly as possible. 

That’s why our team at Benjamin Optical is here. At our offices throughout New York City, we offer dedicated pediatric eye care, including pink eye diagnosis and treatment. Make an appointment with us so we can get your daughter or son feeling and seeing well again. 

But you don’t have to wait until your appointment to start helping your child. Here’s your guide to getting your child through pink eye.

Understanding pink eye

First, you should know that although pink eye can appear serious, it’s usually more bothersome to look at than it is to have. Your child might have some discomfort or trouble seeing, but pink eye shouldn’t cause them any pain. 

This condition — also called conjunctivitis — causes inflammation in the whites of the eye and around the inner eyelid. As a result, you’ll see:

Usually, pink eye develops as a result of a bacterial or viral infection. It’s contagious, which is why it often sweeps through daycares and schools.  

Treating pink eye 

If a bacterial infection caused your child’s pink eye, we can treat the infection itself with medicated eye drops. Even when the infection is viral, we can offer eye drops to ease the resulting inflammation and bring your child some relief. 

You can do things to help your child, too. For starters, keep them home while they have pink eye. There’s no reason for them to get teased or shunned because they spread the infection among their peers. 

To further help them prevent the spread of pink eye, teach your child to wash their hands well on a regular basis. 

Additionally, you can try warm or cool compresses on their eyes to bring them some relief. Gently wipe the eyes to clear away any buildup and let them rest with the compresses in place. 

Finally, if they wear contact lenses or eye makeup, throw away any potentially contaminated items. 

Watching your child suffer from pink eye is hard. But our team here at Benjamin Optical can help them find relief as quickly as possible. To get the treatment your child needs, call our team for an appointment or book one online today.

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