How Frequently Should I Change Out My Glasses Prescription?

Depending on your available time and money, getting new glasses can feel fun or feel like a chore. But there are some cases where it’s a must, no matter how you feel about it. 

At our Benjamin Optical offices throughout New York City, our team of optical experts can help you decide when it’s time to change out your eyeglasses prescription. Not only that, but we can walk through the whole process for you, from performing your eye exam at one of our conveniently located offices to choosing frames from our in-office selection. 

But we don’t want you to have to wait to visit our office to start getting informed. So let’s take a look at the issue at hand. 

How often to get a new prescription

Generally, eye health experts recommend that you visit the optometrist for an eye exam every two years, provided your eyes are healthy. But if you have an eye condition or if you’re over the age of 60, an annual eye exam is best. 

You should also watch for some signs that your old prescription isn’t cutting it anymore. Those include: 

If you notice that you’re not seeing as clearly as you used to, it’s time to visit our office. We can perform an eye exam to get your prescription up to date. 

How often to get new glasses

You can apply a simple rule here: If you have a new prescription, you probably need new glasses.

A new prescription means your eyes need different correction lenses in order to see properly. Unless your eyes only changed a tiny bit since your last prescription, getting new glasses will help you see as best as possible. And this helps you see signage clearly, drive safely, function your best at school and work, and more. 

When you get a new prescription at Benjamin Optical, don’t hesitate to ask our team if you should get new glasses, too. We can let you know how much your prescription has changed so you can decide if new glasses are right for you. 

If you do need new glasses, we offer a broad range of eyeglasses for all styles and budgets, including designer frames.

Whether you need an eye exam or have questions about your prescription or glasses, our team is here to help. Call our team at Benjamin Optical or book your appointment online today.

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