Help for Your Blepharitis

The skin around your eyes is fragile and sensitive. Something as simple as dry eyes, an allergy to a makeup or eye medication, or clogged oil glands can cause blepharitis. Inflammation in your eyelids marks this often-uncomfortable condition. 

Fortunately, our team of optical experts at Benjamin Optical offers effective treatment for blepharitis, helping your eyes get the relief you need.

To help you determine if you might be living with blepharitis, here’s a quick primer.

Blepharitis 101

Blepharitis can affect the outer part of your eyelid (where your eyelashes attach), the inner part that rims your eye, or both. No matter which part of your eyelid has the inflammation, you most likely feel discomfort as a result. Some people experience the worst blepharitis symptoms when they first wake up, while others are plagued with it throughout the day. 

The eyelid inflammation blepharitis causes often results in a number of unwelcome symptoms, including:

Ultimately, you don’t want to live with blepharitis symptoms. And you don’t have to. If you’re living with any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to visit our caring optometrists at Benjamin Optical. 

Treating blepharitis

When you visit us, your optometrist starts by identifying the root cause of your blepharitis. For example, if a bacteria or fungus causes your symptoms, we can treat it with medication. If dandruff on your scalp and/or eyebrows contributes to your blepharitis, we can help you find the right dandruff shampoo to alleviate your blepharitis symptoms. 

We can also help you take steps to minimize future blepharitis flareups and your symptoms, like good eye hygiene. Usually, this involves washing your eyelids thoroughly with an eyelid cleaning product, which we can recommend.

Additionally, we offer treatments to bring you immediate relief, like eyedrops and a warm compress. We strive to help you feel comfortable as quickly as possible while we address the cause of your blepharitis, restoring health to your eyelids. 

Ultimately, you should know that no cure exists for blepharitis. But our team of caring optometrists can help you develop a daily eyelid care routine that significantly reduces your symptoms. Ideally, this helps to keep the worst blepharitis flareups at bay. 

Don’t let eyelid inflammation leave you uncomfortable or struggling to see. To get started with blepharitis treatment, call our team at Benjamin Optical or book your appointment online today. Relief is waiting. 

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