Can Pink Eye Heal on Its Own?

Can Pink Eye Heal on Its Own?

As far as illnesses go, pink eye isn’t one of the most problematic. While the symptoms can be uncomfortable, the biggest issue usually comes from the need to quarantine at home while they’re present. As long as a person has pink eye symptoms, they can spread the infection to others.

All told, pink eye is one of those illnesses you can usually just wait out. But if you don’t want to be stuck at home while your or your child’s eye infection runs its course, you can always get pink eye treatment here at our Benjamin Optical offices throughout New York City. 

When pink eye heals without treatment

Most cases of pink eye — also called conjunctivitis — are mild and will heal on their own. Usually, this takes somewhere between a few days and a few weeks. 

That means that if you and your family have the ability to stay at home as long as symptoms are present, you probably don’t need to visit a doctor for pink eye treatment. At-home care options like a warm washcloth over the eyes can help to soothe your symptoms. 

But if you’re trying to get back to your normal daily life quickly, or if your symptoms are really uncomfortable, you can seek out treatment. 

Getting rid of pink eye faster

Like many infections, pink eye can be bacterial or viral. If it’s bacterial, we can give you medicated eye drops to help fight the infection. Even if it’s viral, we can help with eye drops that minimize the inflammation in your conjunctiva, the outer membrane of your eye that’s irritated by the infection. This makes pink eye much more comfortable.

We can also give you tips to avoid reinfection — or spreading the infection to another member of your household. That usually means throwing away any eye makeup and washing bedding and towels. If you wear contact lenses, replace them and the case. If you wear glasses, we can show you how to clean your glasses thoroughly. 

Taking these steps helps to prevent a new infection in your own eyes, restarting your quarantine timeline, or someone else getting pink eye. If you’re trying to get through a pink eye infection as quickly as possible, be diligent about doing what you can to stop the infection in its tracks. 

Ultimately, yes, pink eye usually heals on its own. But if you want to get this contagious condition out of your house as quickly as possible, call any of our offices, or book an appointment online today.

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