7 Signs You Might Have Cataracts

The lenses of your eyes usually are clear, bending rays of light so that they come into focus at the back of your eyes, giving you the ability to see in crisp focus. Cataracts occur when the clear lens tissue starts to become cloudy, impairing your vision progressively until you can no longer see at all. 

Fortunately, treatment is possible, no matter what the cause behind your cataracts is if it’s not merely part of the aging process. Some common signs could be symptoms of cataracts. If you’re overdue for an eye exam, have these symptoms checked at any of the five locations of Benjamin Optical. Their team of optometrists can diagnosis your eye health and advise you accordingly. 

Clouds and glare

Light diffusion is a natural result of the changes caused by cataracts. While diffuse light can be flattering for a portrait, it’s not a good situation when it occurs in your eyes. In the early days of cataracts, the effect may not be noticeable, but increasingly you’ll view the world through a soft-focus filter. 

Light sensitivity

Cataracts can cause sensitivity to bright lights. The glare of bright light can even be painful. This specific symptom is especially common if you have a cataract that starts towards the back of your lens, blocking light from reaching your retina. 

Halo effects

A clear lens focuses the light passing through your eye. When the lens becomes cloudy due to cataracts, it can cause the light entering your eye to diffract. You might notice rings or halos around light sources. These visual disturbances can appear in a variety of colors.

Eyesight changes

When you build a collection of increasingly stronger reading glasses, cataracts could be to blame for the deterioration of your vision. The changes caused by cataracts are progressive, so it’s common for your sight grow consistently duller or blurrier.

Seeing double

Double vision, or diplopia, has several causes, but when it’s due to a lens problem, cataracts are the most common issue. You’ll see two images at the same time, either side-by-side, one on top of the other, or a combination of both. When you have double vision while covering one of your eyes, it’s known as monocular double vision and often a sign of a cataract.

Changes in color

As a cataract grows worse, the protein building up on your lens can change color, becoming brown or yellow. These changes tint the light passing through your eye, altering the way you perceive the world. It’s common for people with cataracts to have difficulty not only seeing color but also differentiating between different shades.

Reduced night vision

The effects of cataracts accumulate and interfere with your eye’s ability to collect light. This can impact your ability to function at night or under dark conditions. Compromises to your vision can make it dangerous to drive at night.

With five conveniently located offices, the cataracts experts at Benjamin Optical are ready to serve you. Call your closest office by phone or use the handy online booking tool. Your eyesight won’t improve without treatment, so schedule your appointment today.  

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