3 Skin Conditions That Can Cause Blepharitis

3 Skin Conditions That Can Cause Blepharitis

Many people give special attention to the skin around their eyes. In fact, a walk down any drugstore skincare aisle will tell you that companies offer countless eye-focused products. 

In some cases, the skin around your eyes might need more than a specialized cream to stay healthy. That’s why we offer dedicated blepharitis care at our Benjamin Optical offices throughout New York City. Our team diagnoses and treats this eyelid condition, helping you keep your eyes healthy even when it’s caused by a separate skin condition.

Understanding blepharitis

Blepharitis makes your eyelids inflamed. It can affect the part of your eyelid that touches your eye (posterior blepharitis), the exterior part of your eyelid (anterior blepharitis), or both. It causes symptoms like:

If you notice that the skin of your eyelids looks irritated, you might have blepharitis. Come visit any of our offices so we can diagnose it and start you with effective treatment. 

You’re more likely to find yourself in this situation if you have specific skin conditions. 

Skin conditions that can cause blepharitis

A few different skin issues can cause this eyelid inflammation:


Seborrheic dermatitis, a chronic form of eczema, causes scaly, red skin. While this condition usually appears on your scalp, it can also affect your eyelids, contributing to blepharitis. 


Psoriasis can affect any part of your body, including your eyes. In fact, roughly 16% of people with this skin condition will develop blepharitis. 


When you think of rosacea, you probably picture red skin. This condition can also affect your eyes, though. Doctors call this ocular rosacea and it may contribute to blepharitis. 

Treating blepharitis

Fortunately, no matter what’s causing your eyelid irritation, we can help. Our team of blepharitis specialists doesn’t just treat your symptoms. Instead, we get to the root of what’s causing your eyelid problem, whether that’s a skin condition or something else.

That way, we can tailor the most effective treatment plan possible for you. That generally includes medication, lifestyle changes, and at-home care, like a gentle facial wash and a warm compress. 

We work with you to relieve any discomfort you’re experiencing while supporting your eyelid skin health. 

Ultimately, if you have a skin condition that affects your face, you should know that your eyelids can be impacted, too. If you notice redness and irritation there, don’t hesitate to call any of our offices or book an appointment online for the blepharitis diagnosis and care you need.

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